What inspires you?

Where do I find inspiration? I have a serious list.

I love vintage 1970’s fashion but, I also fashion from iconic people

like: Bianca Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Cher & Elton John, Farrah, Sarah Jessica Parker, and I did a whole blog post on Jill Winebanks creating a refashion of the “Mini skirt prosecuter” of the Watergate days.

I love fashion designers like; Missoni, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Mcqueen, and Gucci.

I refashion a leather jacket paying homage to the vintage appliqued leather jackets by East-West musical instrument Co.

I’ve also been inspired by photographer’s work like Satoshi Saikusa and films by Wes Anderson.

This past year I was inspired by @Mimigstyle duster pattern, and it was a first for me making a garment because I was inspired by what and who I saw on the pattern envelope.

The music, is inspired by memories of my father playing this song while driving down our street in Hawaii. Playing percussion on the stirring wheel with his college class ring, good times in 1972.

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