Let’s talk about thrift.

As a costume designer and wardrobe stylist I often shop thrift. One because when you are dressing a character/talent of a different period of time, it’s the most cost effective way to create their costume wardrobe look. Custom builds, they aint cheap! Two as a stylist there is nothing like I good accent piece that can’t be found in regular retail or designers current collection. I like that touch of the unexspected.

Personally, I dress this way. I like a nod to the past fashion. I also like researching popular brands of the past in fashion. Kind of like the “one hit wonders” of the fashion world. I’ve mentioned before I have a personal affinity to fashion of the 1970’s. Can’t really say why other than I think for me it’s when I really began to notice fashion as a young person. I’ve been told many times I look like Farrah Fawcett, which can we stop right here to say OMG! You could not pay me I higher compliment, and I definitely do not feel worthy of it. Ok, Ok, back thrifting.

I thrift from alot of places, any city, any time and online quiet a bit. When I’m on location I always check out the local thrift and Op shops. I have found amazing things in the most random places. Like a vintage (70’s) stadium length Yak fur and leather coat (I promiss it’s amazing) in Davenport, Iowa

70’s Vintage Yak fur jacketthrifted Davenport, Iowa

I also collect some of these obscure less remembered fahion brands. One of which is Vakko leather jackets. I have a couple and what I love is their buttery soft leather, truly beautiful. Vakko’s hay day for leather jackets to me was more late 80 and 90’s but the company it’s self started in millenary in Istanbul, Turkey in 1934.

Vakko leather jackets

So I recently acquired a metallic silver leather Vakko jacket from a new online thrift and vintage shop (Instagram) called @theneutralshop_ Warlene Rene’ @warlenerene is the owner and curator of Amazing thrift!!

You must go check out her feed and get ready to shop. Hopefully I won’t regret sharing this gem cause I have to restrain myself on the daily not to click “add to cart” it’s that good.

The rest of this outfit, also all thrift. My skirt is from @savers in Salt Lake city, Utah. Snake skin boots @poshmark and all of the jewerly in from @goodwillsocal.

That’s all for now, there will be more thrift adventures I’ll be sharing here in the future. Take care and Happy thrifting!

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